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    Chronic Disease Is Kind of Like an Onion
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What Makes Integrity Wellness Different?

First, our approach is to try to determine the “Why?” of our patients’ conditions, not just the “what.” We see beyond the diagnosis to find the cause. Proper examination procedures, thorough lab tests and great listening skills are tools we use to help us discover the root causes, and the most effective treatment.

And we give our patients hope. One thing we hear over and over from patients who have “tried everything” is that Dr. Petro really listened to them and he gave them hope. A glimmer of hope can do a lot for a person who seems to have just about given up finding help.

We commonly treat patients with these conditions:


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Dr. Gary Petro

In my 30-plus years of practice, I have seen such transformational change in healthcare, both in relationship to the shift in type of ailments that cause ill health, and in the diagnostic tools available to detect and help these hurting people.

I have found that many health conditions have increased in complexity and are occurring at younger ages. There are many factors for this occurrence including genetics, tainted diets, environmental toxins, increased stress, and lack of physical activity. Every day is an adventure with the variety of conditions and ages of patients that we are able to help.


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What our patients have to say about us:

I just want to thank you again for giving me something to live for. When I first came to see you, I felt like a slug. I had NO energy at all. My mouth was sore with thrush and I felt as though I was no use to anyone. Thanks to you and your staff, and loving care, I am now a different person. More like what I used to be, and should be. I have energy, and feel useful, and love getting out and seeing other people and singing in our church choir.
Janet L.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the difference you’ve helped me achieve in my overall health. When I first came to see you, five months ago, it was because I was having frequent, unbearable, migraine headaches. Through discussion of my daily habits, eating and lifestyle, you were able to recommend changes to my diet, supplements and exercise, which have made a world of difference. I anticipated that the migraines would get better with treatment, but I never imagined that I would benefit in so many other ways. I now have much more energy, my emotional state has improved (for that, my husband thanks you!), headaches are rare, my crohn’s disease is much more under control that it’s been in quite a while, and I simply feel really good!
Heather L.

I looked for a long time to find a doctor like you who can heal without drugs or surgery. I’ve tried to get “in shape”but was told to eat the wrong things. You taught me right and I lost 40 pounds. I am 50 years old but feel like I’m 25.
You not only healed my body, but also my mind
Curtis S.

I had a back problem and you suggested that I make an appointment for an evaluation. Our son and his family followed, our other son and his family, who makes a three hour round trip for your excellent care and treatment, our daughter who lives on the west coast, plus, various other extended family and friends. Thank you. You have made a significant contribution to the health and well being of our entire family.

One very significant example is the Laser Treatment you provided for my wife for her painful arthritic hands, resulting in total relief from the pain.

Sam & Joan B.

I am pleased to take the opportunity to express my appreciation to you for truly helping me; directing me down a path to better health! I was really beginning to wonder if the age 50 was the top of my mountain; that it was going to be all down hill from there. Thanks to you I now know that it is not the case at all! With your help I truly feel like a new person; both physically and spiritually. It has been such a wonderful positive experience and such a blessing to know that there are doctors out there who truly care about their patients and desire them to feel better.
Sue M.

Dr. Petro

We wanted to take time to say Thank You! Your generosity toward our family has been nothing short of “Jesus with skin on”. Your servant’s heart is truly a blessing to me, my husband and our kids.

Thank you for your love and compassion.

The B… Family

“The most attentive doctor I have visited. I am very glad I chose to visit and am excited about my wellness journey. The relief I feel from just my initial visit is immense”