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Massage Therapy

Often consumers become confused when it comes to the different types of massage. As a result often someone who could benefit from a massage forgoes the treatment due to the confusion. We make it easy for clients/patients. At Integrity Wellness selecting what type of massage is not like going to a fancy French restaurant looking at the menu which happened to be in French and then hoping what you ordered is something you like. During your first appointment our therapist reviews your needs and together with you determine what massage procedures would be best for you.

If someone suggested that, as a part of your health journey, you get a massage, what is your first thought?

-I would have no idea what to ask for
-I love getting a massage! When can I schedule?
-I had one once, but it was a long time ago.
-I don’t want anyone to see me naked!
-I don’t want it to hurt, and I’m afraid to speak up during the massage.
-I might fall asleep. Is that okay?

Good news! Our Massage Therapist is well-trained and will help you understand the process if you’ve never had a massage. She will consider your needs, and together with you, determine the best massage techniques for your health and relaxation goals. Communication is so important, and you can tell her if you need more pressure, or less pressure, or if she’s “hitting the spot” and you’d like her to spend a few more minutes on your neck or whatever. And if you’re in pain during the massage, please speak up. We want you to enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy, and you can’t do that if you’re in pain.
Be assured that when you get a massage at Integrity Wellness, the highest standards of modesty and confidentiality are maintained. You will be covered at all times, and the therapist will only carefully uncover the particular area she is working on. You will have complete privacy as you undress and dress again. And you only have to undress to your own comfort level.
It is perfectly acceptable if you fall asleep during your massage. Relaxation is so helpful to the healing process, and if you get a little nap while you’re on the massage table, that’s just fine.
She is very respectful of your time and investment, and will work with you to make sure you have a great massage experience.
So, whether this will be your first massage, or you’ve had many massages, at Integrity Wellness, we want every massage to be an experience that creates that “Ahhhh. . .” moment of healing and relaxation.


Massage Therapy Services
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