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New Patient Information

Our goal at Integrity Wellness is to provide for you the highest level of individualized care to help you reach your optimal health goals.

Many different types of problems are seen and treated in our office. Because of the wide variety of conditions, differing amounts of information are needed from the patient depending on how long the condition has been present.

Acute Conditions: For our purposes, an acute condition is a problem that develops with a rapid onset. This can be from an injury, a reaction to something eaten or applied to the skin, sudden breathing difficulty, etc. An acute condition can often be quite painful and disabling. If not treated properly, acute conditions will often end up as chronic health problems. If this is a new condition you have not had before, and has bothered you for less than a few months, please click the Acute Adult or Acute Child button to the below.

Chronic Conditions: A chronic health problem is a named disease, or set of symptoms that have developed more slowly over a longer period of time, often several months to many years. It can also be a condition that started as an acute condition, but never resolved and now is persistent on a constant or very regular basis. Chronic conditions are much more complex and require greater insight as to the underlying cause. These are the conditions that sap energy and life from patients, often causing them to have a less than optimal outlook on their future. Patients with chronic conditions are some of the most exciting to treat because of the transformation that is often possible. If your health problems have been present for more than two months, please click the Chronic Adult or Chronic Child button below.

If you are still not sure which forms to complete, call our office during regular business hours and we will be glad to help you determine which forms would be most appropriate.