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Welcome to Integrity Wellness

At Integrity Wellness, we are in the life changing business! Our passion is to show you how you to improve your own health. We believe every person is a unique individual. Integrity Wellness takes a patient-centered approach to your health. Our aim is to evaluate, identify and treat the underlying biological and functional causes, and help you move forward to optimal healthiness. Our patients experience a new model of healthcare that utilizes the best diagnostic tests (some from conventional medicine), as well as tools and tests from the emerging health arena of Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology.  We treat you–our patient–not the name of the disease or condition that has been assigned to you. With patient-centered care, your treatment is unique to you.

Whether you are suffering from an acute injury, a chronic, complex medical condition, or something in-between, our commitment is to evaluate, treat, educate and guide you along the path to regain the health and wellness you desire.

Regaining one’s health is similar to taking a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. Most people would not attempt such a journey without a map or GPS. Unless you have clear direction, you may end up at a destination you never would have chosen. There are different paths to get where you want to be; we would like to help you get to the place of optimal health on the most direct path. A large part of our work is to give you the road-map and the tools to establish a life of high-quality health and joy.